Ever since I can remember, I was interested in spending time with just a small number of people. Over the years, this was my sister, one friend in high school, one on the University, my husband,. . . (In case you are wondering: the friend from University and my husband are not the same person, so we can say 2 from the University. :))

For all others, I felt like I could read them, and didn’t want to spend time with them. It wasn’t like they were bad people, but I could immediately say that they were not a company for me.

Now, when I believe to be more spiritually conscious, my ability to read other people seems to got enhanced even more. It is like I know their thoughts, and thus their intention immediately – when they speak, or look at me, or just send me a message.

For example, when someone doesn’t have good intentions, I feel their negativity. If I pay attention to it, I feel it very strongly. This is why I needed to learn a way to quickly release it and come back to my inner state of alignment.

There are some people who believe I’m simply ignorant to their negativity, since I don’t return it. The truth is, I’m conscious of it, but choose not to focus on it. It is my decision to not be in that energy for long.

Lately, I come to the point when I cannot speak badly about someone without feeling real pain. It is true that I also talked badly about others before (who didn’t:)) but now it amazes me to see other people still doing it. It’s because I now know how much we hurt ourselves by belittling, or wanting to hurt others.

Our words are indeed powerful. If you heard it from me, or someone else, it is completely true. By comparing with others and playing the comparison game, we hurt ourselves badly.

Takeaway from this post: Just a little word we say can carry a powerful bruising energy, which not only hurts ourselves, but also hinders the manifestation process of the lives we really want to live.